MRI Fusion

Our MRI Fusion technology offers many advantages for providers and patients.


  • Find precise location of prostate cancer
  • Confirm Gleason Score
  • Develop a more informed treatment plan
  • Can be used in conjunction with minimally invasive ablative treatment

Large availabilityAvailable

  • Provide MR Fusion Biopsy Services for patients that have not had access
  • Turnkey service with technician and equipment provided for all cases
  • Multiple scheduling options available


  • Biopsy portion of procedure covered by most insurance carriers
  • Providers: No capital outlay to begin performing procedures
  • Operational cost only

Enjoy Your LifeAlternative to Radical Surgery

  • “Take Charge of Watchful Waiting”
  • Outpatient options may be available other than radical prostatectomy
  • Increase chance of retaining sexual functioning post treatment
  • Create baseline for future MRI and biopsies